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Corporate Tourism

Thillaitours team understands the requirements of corporates' travel and tourism needs since all of our team members have a good exposure in the corporate sector.

Hectic work schedules call for some leisure or a good place to rest for a few days. Having fun with other team members and the senior management can be mainly done in tours.

Educational / Institutional Tourism

Our educational tours go beyond just sight seeing. Through professionally guided tours and insight into each destination, Thillaitours invites you and your students to become actively engaged in the local culture. We always provide our packages and educational tours depending on the number of candidates.

Our team enjoys the honor of organizing plenty of educational tours for students of some of the colleges and educational institutions in and around TamilNadu. These educational tour packages focus on the local culture, historical background and geographical knowledge with an understanding of flora & fauna of the area.

Special emphasis is placed on security, food and accommodation with absolutely hygienic conditions maintained at various category hotels & Campsites, depending upon the budget and requirement of the group.

Family Tourism

Family tourism involves adults and children from the same household, but there is an increasing number that involves people from different households

Family trips are generally likely to be longer (4 or more nights), and families enjoy temple visits and are more likely to be independent trips and less likely to be an activity or inclusive holiday trips.

Additionally, there are things that families look to avoid while on holiday, such as crowded or noisy beaches. Safety is a big concern for families as well and they often require in-depth information and reassurance to convince them to travel.

Thillaitours has a good understanding of their needs and we provide the appropriate services and facilities.

Adventure Tourism

Adventure means different things to different people. Adventure tourism has grown rapidly in recent years as outdoor recreation has become increasingly commercial. Adventure tourism gains much of its excitement by allowing its participants to step outside their comfort zone.

This may be from experiencing a culture shock or through the performance of acts that require significant effort and involve some degree of risk (real or perceived) and/or physical danger. This may include activities such as trekking, mountain biking, rafting. Other rising forms of adventure travel include social and jungle tourism.Thillaitours fulfills the expectations of all their customers for various adventures.

Temple Tourism

Thousands of temples with lofty towers dot the skyline of the southernmost state of Tamilnadu. These temples are torchbearers of the glorious heritage of the region, and are repositories of the magnificent art forms that have evolved over the centuries. Several of these temples which have been glorified by the ancient tamils, would be covered by the temple tourism. Besides worshiping god, you would experience the marvel of architecture. Temples patronized by different ruling dynasties, the temple art has touched its zenith in Tamil Nadu. website is not responsible for typographical or photographical errors. This Site is best viewed in 1024 by 768 Pixels. Designed and Developed based on public interest. If you have any concerns or false information on this website, please send a mail to