Information about Navagraha - Chandran Temple

Navagraha - Chandran Temple

Chandran Temple

Navagraha Temple Arulmigu Kailasanathar Temple - Chandran

Main Deity  :  Kailasanathar

Goddess  :  Periya Nayagi Amman

Holy Tree  :  Plantain Tree and Vilva Tree

Holy Water  :  Chandra Theertham and River Cauery

General Information

The temple is at the eastern end of the village Thingalur. It is a temple for Lord Siva. Against the temple is a pond called Chandra Theertham. The sanctum looks to the east. Holy mother faces south. There are two blunt towers at the east and south entrances of the temple. This temple is known as Kailayanathar Temple. Kailayanathar in the form of Linga with his consort Periya Nayagi Amman in this Siva Temple.


Legend has it that there lived a merchant Appoodi Adikal in the village of Tingaloor who was a devotee of Shiva. Appoodi Adikal held Tirunavukkarasar in high regard and looked forward to the day when he would be able to host the saint poet. The day arrived, but his son got killed by a venomous snake bite while the saint was being hosted. The saint moved by Appoodi Adikal's devotion is said to have miraculously restored the lad to life.

Celestials Chandranj, Suryan and Sage Gauthama, Appoothi Adigal and Sekkizhar are said to have worshipped here and got grace of Siva.


The hymns of Thirunavukarasar and Sekkizhar addressed to Kayilayanathar in awe. This is an ancient Saivite shrine, associated with the life of Tirunavukkarasar, although no Tevara Patikam dedicated to the shrine has been discovered so far. Tirunavukkarasar has mentioned Tingaloor in a patikam of 10 songs dedicated to another Shivastalam, and hence Tingalur constitutes on of the Tevara Vaippu thalangal.

Chandra Bagavan whose dress is white and as his grains were paddy and raw rice. He has to be offered with raw rice pudding mixed with jaggery, white flowers (White Arali) and white clothing. It is believed that this pooja will remove obstacles in one's life


In the Tamil month of Panguni (March - April) on the full moon day (Pournami) , the day before and on the succeeding day (3 days), the rays of the rising moon fall on Lord Siva (Kailasanathar). Poojas performed on Full moon days and every Mondays are very special in this temple. website is not responsible for typographical or photographical errors. This Site is best viewed in 1024 by 768 Pixels. Designed and Developed based on public interest. If you have any concerns or false information on this website, please send a mail to